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alt images

To build alt images, run:

./build.py -o alt

k8s images

To build k8s images for branch p10 and push to repository test_k8s, run:

./build.py -o k8s -b p10 --overwrite-organization test_k8s --tasks tasks.json --tags tags.json



To create distroless image copy one of existing org/alt/distroless-* images. Or create directory and copy distroless-example.toml to it, rename file to distroless.toml and edit.


For example if created image alt/distroless-false and you want to push to the organization <ORGANIZATION>, run:

./build.py -i alt/distroless-false --overwrite-organization <ORGANIZATION>

If you push to the users repository, then organiztion is your username.


On x86_64 machine using p10 branch you need:

  • python3-module-tomli
  • qemu-user-static-binfmt-aarch64 to build for arm64 architecture
  • qemu-user-static-binfmt-arm to build for arm architecture
  • qemu-user-static-binfmt-ppc to build for ppc64le architecture